Francisco Javier Benjamín González Echeverría (Zaragoza-Spain, 1956)  graduated with degrees in  Geography and History, Section of History, by the U.N.E.D., 2006. Bachelor in Medicine and Surgery, University of Zaragoza, 1979. Doctor of Medicine and Surgery, University of Salamanca, 1985, with an experimental thesis in Hematology, on Immunoglobulins biosynthesis in cellular culture of proliferative syndromes(cum laude). He was certified in Pediatrics in   Salamanca (1981-1985). He is married to Maria Teresa (Maite) Ancín Chandía and has 3 children.

He has the title of Ph.D in History  in EIDUNED( Escuela Internacional del Doctorado de la UNED) in Madrid  on 12Th January 2017 with the thesis, cum laude, “Miguel Servet y los impresores lioneses en el siglo XVI”, in English “Michael Servetus and Lyon’s printers in XVI century”. His two directors of  thesis were M. Carlos Martínez Shaw, Modern History Professor  UNED  in Madrid and  Luis Fernández Rodríguez, Medicine Ph.D, and UNED Tudela director.

He has been awarded three national prizes in Medicine : for Clinical Biopatology in 1989, for his work Allogenic Lymphocytic mixed cultures. Its use in the study of the inverted hemolytic plaque in patients of common variable immunodeficiency and hypergammaglobulinemias ; extra-hospital Pediatrics in 1990, for Nutritional importance of the minerals and other elements in a health care area. Simultaneous study of the waters and the urinary data (measures) in infants; and the Spanish Society of Puericulture in 1994, for Evaluation of the risk factors for the development of the allergy in childhood. Besides these, he has published numerous papers on medicine in general and in pediatrics, specifically.

In 2011, with the collaboration of the Government of Navarre, he published  The love for truth: Life and work of Michael Servetus which is the culmination of 16 years of research on Michael Servetus.Fig.1. .


The sale of this book takes place in: Gobierno de Navarra, edit.,  and other bookshop on line:

His work on Servetus has won him prizes such as the “El Escuraño” in 1998, and the Center of Studies Merindad of Tudela in 1999. He is the author of Michael Servetus, editor of the Dioscorides on the ‘ Dioscorides-Materia medica’ found at the village of Sesma (Navarre). Fig.2

He is also the author of Portraits or figures from the stories of the Old Gospel (Retratos o tablas de las historias del Testamento Viejo), Government of Navarre, Pamplona, 2001. Fig.3

and he is co-author of the work Michael Servetus or Michael De Villanueva, Government of Navarre, Pamplona, 2004. Fig.4

In addition he has communicated and published in national and international magazines in Medicine and History.

He has worked as a pediatrician for 26 years at the “Queen Sophia” hospital of Tudela in Navarre.

Publications on Servetus by González Echeverría (check PDFs).

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International symposium on the contributions of Benjamin of Tudela. Living  better together, Past and Present, October, 7th-8th, 2013Tudela; Michael Servetus and  the Jew World" :

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